DIY: Beaded Fringe Moccs

 Coming up with this tutorial was quite fun! Once I saw the holes at the bottom of each fringe I immediately thought of sewing and beading! It was almost too perfect that these moccs had that lovely detail so I could add something there and make them my own!

-Turquoise seed beads size 6
-Large size sewing needle
-Black Thread (or brown to match your moccs)
Step 1:  Measure the circumference around the top fringe, and double that measurement, then add 5-6 inches extra. (example: if your circumference is 12 inches double that to 24 inches, then add 6 inches, making the thread you cut about 30 inches) Cut thread your measured length. Fold thread in half for added strength and easier beading. Thread needle, then insert thread into hole on bottom of the fringe, pull thread almost to the end and double knot thread making sure it is secure, then cut off excess. (tip: make sure you start at the fringe closest to the zipper so that when you make your way around the fringe it meets up with the other end that sits by the zipper as well. that way you don't thread over the zipper.) 

Step 2:  After you tie off thread and secure it in the first hole, add your first bead, then come from back of fringe through the hole. Then add another bead, and continue this process til you meet back up with the beginning. Once you get to the end, double knot it, make sure it is secure, and cut off excess. (tip: try not to make it too tight while beading around the fringe or the beads won't lay right and may appear hidden and the fringe may end up laying on top of one another) Repeat steps 1 & 2 to the other layer of fringe.  

 Step 3:  Grab some more thread (about 6-8 inches), fold in half (for added strength), add bead to thread, place bead under silver disc, then tuck thread under on each side of disc, double knot at top, and cut off excess thread.  

 I'm so glad I added that last detail with the turquoise bead being under the silver disc because it really pulled the whole look together!! :)

If you have these Minnetonka Moccs or are planning on getting them, you have to try this easy and inexpensive tutorial!! It's such a fun way to make your moccs your own!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!

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Date Night // Comfy White Top :)

white button down: ae // gray tank: victoria's secret (old) // leggings: urban outfitters // red flats: old navy (old), similar, similar
-It's not very often that my hubby and I get to go out on a date, so when we found a sitter we were stoked!! My hubby had a friend & his girlfriend come into town and they wanted to get together and talk guy stuff (code for hunting & such) and so the girlfriend and I talked "girl talk". It was the perfect excuse to get us out of the house and out for a date :) And I was excited since I just got this white button down and could not wait to wear it! Pair it with some red flats and it's dressy but casual with the leggings! All in all, despite the "animal/hunting talk" while trying to eat, it was a lovely time (remember me being a psychological eater)!!

 -I'm sorry for the poor quality of photos lately, I lost my camera charger and have been relying on my trusty i-Phone to take pics :) Hope you all had a great weekend and hoping this week will be great!!

ps: i've been excited about posting some new necklaces to the shop, but without my camera it's been kinda hard to post! but i may just give in and use my i-Phone, hoping the quality isn't too bad! what do you think??
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Geronimo Headwrap Tutorial

 So excited to share this tutorial! I have been loving headwraps lately and was experimenting around with different ways to wear a scarf. I've seen a lot of turban styles, so I wanted to try something a little different and came up with this!! I guess my Native American background helped out a bit ;) This is demonstrated with an infinity/tube scarf, but you can also use a regular scarf too!! Hope you enjoy and give this a try!!

Def let me know if you do this!! If you instagram, tag me @shiowaline, I'd love to see!! :)

***ps: my lovely friend Haley inspired me with doing something similar, and it has also led me to some new headwraps I will be adding to my etsy shop soon!! :) Keep an eye out for it!!
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DIY: Feather Headdress

Hello lovelies, sorry I have been pretty MIA in the blogging/social media world! All I can say is "Life gets busy!" Today's tutorial is one I shared a few weeks ago on A Little Artsy (an art blog by Casey Wiegand). 

This tutorial is super easy and SUPER LOVELY!! I was so excited to share this tutorial because all things native inspired are huge in fashion & home decor right now!! And of course with it being fall weather now, it seemed to be the perfect kind of headwear/headband to craft!
What you'll need:
Step one// measure your head or your child's that you are making this for. cut the FOE (fold over elastic) the same size as your head. 
Step two// take the FOE and shape it into a circle making sure that the ends overlap each other about 1 inch, then hot glue it in place.
Step three// cut out two 1x5 inch pieces of felt
Step four// A. gather your 3 feather pieces (if they look like the bottom fluffy one have no fear, i will help you shape them to look like B.)
C. turn the feather upside down and snip the feather from one side at an angle
D. flip the feather over and do the same to the other side
Step five// arrange your feathers across the felt, then hot glue them down.
Step six// take your FOE headband piece and lay it across the felt & feathers, then hot glue it down.
Step seven// glue down 2nd piece of felt over FOE and feathers
Step eight// put a line of hot glue in the center, straight across the felt. then lay a strand of sequin ribbon over the glue. once glue is set (cool), trim off excess of sequins. if the sequins on the ends are not fully secure just add a tiny bit of hot glue to set. 
Step nine// if the back of your button looks like this, then get your pliers out and snip that excess piece away. (this will help so that the button lays flat when glued)
Step ten// add a good amount of hot glue to your button and glue it to the center of the felt & sequin ribbon
Now wait for your glue to set and admire your lovely new feather headdress headband! I told you this was easy, and best of all there was no sewing required!!! There are so many ways you can customize this to fit your needs, or likes by changing the colors or by adding sew on gems instead of a button!!
 I am so happy with how lovely this turned out!! If you make this you def have to share pics with me via instagram: @sweetnessaboos , or email them to me!!
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Our Weekend: Mini Vacation

We got to tag along with Ron to Phoenix for some training he had to do for work, and made a mini vacation out of it too :)

1. & 2.// Had a great time lounging by the pool while daddy was working. The weather was even great to swim at night too! There was only one sad incident that happened in the pool, and that was Sammy getting stung by a bee :( At least we found out that he isn't allergic to bees! And luckily I brought our doTERRA oils with us!! It took away the pain pretty quick and his finger didn't even swell! Those oils are pure magic I tell ya!! :)
3. & 4.// Of course going to the big city you gotta go to the mall right!?? We stopped by the Rain Forest Cafe and the kids had fun running around the gift shop checking out their cool stuff! Along with their ginormous fish tank with giant fish! Then my wish came true and I actually set foot in H&M!! I kid you not, I have never set foot in one before that day, and I. Was. In. Heaven!!! That store is amazing!! My poor kids were not as impressed as I was, but "patiently" waited for mommy to try on clothes and shop ;) 

5.// We stopped by a used book store, and my kids had a great time looking through tons of books. While mommy found a nice spot to sit and catch up on instagram :) As I was sitting there Sammy found this tiny metal shopping cart and put his little shoes inside. It was the tiniest and cutest thing! 
6.// And of course we had to stop at In-N-Out burger so Ron could get himself one of his favorite burgers! Funny story, about a year ago I lost the taste for burgers and stopped eating them. The taste was just too meaty for me and I couldn't eat them and didn't crave them anymore. So this day that we went to In-N-Out we ended up ordering a burger for Ron and one for Ethan. And when we got the order, it actually looked really good and smelled so yummy! I was surprised with myself that I was actually contemplating eating one! Well lucky for me Ethan fell asleep and it was just sorta sitting there looking all sorts of yummy, so............... I took a bite :) And crazily enough, it was sooooooo good!! And in a few minutes it was gone :) I haven't really had a craving for one since, but it was kinda funny how that came out of nowhere, haha. But don't worry, we ended up getting Ethan something else to eat :)
7. & 8.// We got to meet up with some of our close friends that have 3 kids like us, and took the kiddos to eat at Peter Piper Pizza. Have you ever had their pizza?? YUMMO, I tell ya!! And if you aren't familiar with them, they have a video game type arcade that kinda makes me think of Vegas, but kid-style ;) Our friend's daughter is just about Sammy's age and is such a little cutie! So of course, naturally, we pre-arranged their marriage ;) And as you can tell she already loves Sammy :)
9. & 10.// We ended up taking a little detour to get home and drove through beautiful Sedona! Have you ever been, or heard of it?? If not, google it, it is sooooo pretty there!! It had just got done raining so the sky was so pretty and the air smelled so good!!
11. & 12.// Then shortly after you pass through Sedona the elevation changes drastically and you are in the forest!! Ron knew about this spring by Oak Creek Canyon where anyone can stop there and fill up on water! So we got all of our water containers out and filled up on some yummy natural spring water!! Makes me kinda jealous that residents near by get to take advantage of this little treasure!


All in all, it was a great mini-vacation where we got to spend some quality family time together, visit some cool shops, go shopping, see friends, eat yummy food, and stop at awesome natural wonders!! 

Oh and sorry for my lack of posts, our kids ended up "accidentally" breaking our computer screen and I've also been super busy and it doesn't help that school just started! It's been really nice though, not having to really think about posts and staying caught up with that. So it has got me thinking that I am actually going to be posting less and concentrating more on my kids and their school and both my shops. So with that being the case, I will get to posts up when I can. Hope you all had a great weekend and your week is going great so far!! 

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The Way I See You 7/28

I usually post this on Sundays, but this weekend has been B-U-S-Y!!! Whenever someone gets married in the family, you can bet that weekend is gonna be too busy to blog ;)

Also, I wanted to do something a little different for this post. Instead of doing my usual "the way i see you post" with current pics of the kids, I decided to look through some old pics of my kids and share that instead. Here are some of my fave pics of each of them :)

Kyleigh// this is when she was about 6, playing in the fountain at the logan temple (i made her flower girl dress she's wearing, back when i used to sew clothes and such)
Sammy// this was when he was about 1, playing outside being super cute with that face
Ethan// this is one of my favorite baby pics of him!! i just cannot get enough of his cheeks and those eyes!!

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DIY: Glitter Moccasins

I am so excited to share this tutorial with you!! I have had this on my mind for quite some time now, and I am excited to finally see it in actuality. I wanted to come up with a way to spiff up my Minnetonka Moccasins to make them more unique! Hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you actually give this a try let me know! :) 
 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!! :)
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The Way I See You 6/28

Ethan// out hiking with daddy, exploring what's around him with binoculars :)
Kyleigh// exploring the garden and flowers with her nature book
Sammy// this is his new thing that he likes to do with his t-shirts. not quite sure how he figured out how to do this but it's kinda funny that he does this everyday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Sammy & I got sick over the weekend and are almost better. Hope you are all well and not feeling crummy like us ;)

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